My Auschwitz trip- moving polish museum

Stairs covered with salt in Wieliczka.
Amazing stairs covered with salt in Wieliczka.

I have landed in Krakow, where I was about to change my plane to Dubai. It was much cheaper, and I had three days to spend in this beautiful polish city. People say it’s the best polish city and although I haven’t seen others, I believe them. I was walking around in amazement. Medieval walls, sacred prayer places, buildings that have hundreds years old. Amazing archaeological findings, original medieval city not destroyed by the war, Holocaust memorials…  And the Auschwitz trip I will never forget.

Have you heard about it? I decided to see two most recommended destinations while being in Krakow. One of them was Wieliczka Salt Mine. It was not far from Krakow and was really, really beautiful. One of the world’s oldest UNESCO-listed salt mines was amazing underground trip to the kingdom of salt. To get to the bottom of the Wieliczka Salt Mine, it will take 810 steps. Are you sure you will make it? And it’s narrow and gloomy, and it seems that stairs will never end. But after that, awesome adventure begins.

Trips from Krakow


Ball Hall in Wieliczka Salt Mine
Wouldn’t you lake to participate in elegant reception in this Ball Hall in Wieliczka?

It used to be dangerous place for workers. Because of highly inflammable and explosive mine gases they could never come back up to the earth. That’s one of the reasons people working there were very religious. They carved beautiful salt figures of Saints, to whom they prayed. There are chapels nowadays presented to the visitors. You can also get married in there, and have a lavish reception. There is a elegant ball hall with delicious local kitchen.

You can also sit in the restaurant in the end, when you finish sightseeing but before leaving the mine. Inside I saw how the workers’ job looked like. Tools, equipment, machines are presented, you can even try to use some of them! The reconstruction of the harsh living conditions of miners is really interesting. The same as archaeological findings. I really like the salt lake, crystal clear water, still, you can smell the salt in the air… And you walk into the narrow corridors, slippery road, you enter bigger chambers and then small corrudor again… Wieliczka Salt Mine has been also popular between people with asthma or other respiratory problems. It was a destination for people from the whole country and even from abroad. 

Auschwitz trip

Another trip you should definitely take is a place, where mass murder took place. I have seen a movie Schindler’s List  and The Pianist before. They helped me to get into this difficult subject. I booked an organised trip to get into this museum. In the car we had a documentary about the Holocaust subject, with the original scenes taken in the camp. I am a traveler, I have seen many, many museums but this is something… That sent a chills down my spine. Made me breathless.

Auschwitz Trip- Concentration Camps
My Auschwitz trip was something I will never forget.

Although I was somehow prepared, that’s much more I was expecting. Because the nightmare became a reality. There are many, many movies about this subject. But still, in the era of Hollywood productions, horror movies we are kind used to watching tortures, death and humiliation. But when you actually realize that it really happened

And just because of absurd ideology. It was a place of slow, exhausting death, medical experiments on humans,  mass murder and triumph of dehumanization  and evil in it’s most cruel way. People were brought here just because they had different ethnic background, nationality, sexual orientation or political point of view.

It was an answer to Jewish Question. And it was called Holocaust. Their lives meant nothing for the torturers. Before they died, everything was done to make them want to live no more. I advise everyone to think about booking an Auschwitz trip while visiting Poland. I believe it helps to prevent such a horrible things in future. I had two trips with Krakow Direct company and I was really satisfied with the professional service they provide. It was for me a valuable history lesson which I will never forget.